Entry #3

My uploader

2007-08-16 05:01:37 by omfgItsZoidy

After I heard that denvish.net/ul went down I decided that I would make my own. I decided not to put ads or anything on it because I just wanted it to be a service to newgrounds flash makers. Some other people made prettier ones so mine kind of got ignored, but oh well. it is at http://upload.nathanielantonelli.com. It is there if you need it. I'm sorry that it's not prettier, but I have other stuff that I need to do. If any one has suggestions of features or wants to make a little layout to make it prettier just post a reply.


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2007-08-24 19:00:33

Hey Its great, works like a charm. Thanks.


2007-11-10 01:21:25

scripting by you??

omfgItsZoidy responds:

Yeah, I never made it pretty though because I'm the only one who uses it :D


2007-12-07 16:35:57

post or GTFO :)

omfgItsZoidy responds:

Holy shit, you actually read my blog thing? I'm surprised :D


2008-01-22 10:10:10

I surf around.

omfgItsZoidy responds:

What led you to my page?